New Colours from Gaffer

26 Feb 2013


G156 Navy Duro

Navy Duro #156
Navy blue


G155 Grigio Duro

Grigio Duro #155
the perfect stiff grey


G154 Viola Duro

Viola Duro #154
a gold based soft violet

14th December 2012

Gaffer Glass is taking its annual holidays this year from 21st December 2012 until 21st January 2013. Please be sure to place your order well in advance of our final day. We wish all our customers a Happy Christmas and all the very best for the New Year.

7th June 2012


G169 Raw Umber

Raw Umber #169
A rich opaque brown just like the raw umber used by painters for drapery and skin shadows.

G141 Oceana

Oceana #141
A dreamy opaline redolent of the South Seas. Not as opaque as our regular opals.

G142 Ultramarine

Ultramarine #142
A compliment to Oceana. A revival of the very popular Zimmermann # Z-87.

G053 Amber

Amber #053
A rich yellow through to amber when blown thicker. A cheaper alternative to silver bearing glasses. Non lead.



Reformulated colours
# 045 Indigo and #021 Midnight Blue were too dark. We have lightened both of them up by 25% and made Indigo more violet. We hope you will try them again. Look out for Melt # 5452 or later for Indigo and  Melt # 5441 or later for Midnight Blue.

Compatible cullet
We are pleased to be able to recommend a new  96 cullet designed by Peter Kuchinke and manufactured by Cristalica in Germany. The fit with Gaffer is good and our analysis of the recipe shows it to be easy to melt with excellent working properties. Contact