New Colours from Gaffer

01 Sep 2014


We are pleased to announce 2 new casting colours and a transparent blowing colour.

Galia Amsel Sapphire roseG-282 Sapphire Rose
This is a truly remarkable addition to our casting range and we believe not available commercially before. Based on our reliable lead crystal base the colour exploits the unique properties of rare earths to allow a sapphire blue and a orange rose to appear in the same piece depending on thickness. Here are two pieces by Galia Amsel courtesy of Trish Clark Gallery in Auckland that show off the two tone effect.


G338 Uranium Green
G-338 Uranium Green
This colour really has a wow! factor. Strongly fluorescent, it glows even in the dimmest light. This is a non lead base and perhaps will form the basis for a range of lead free casting colours in the future. The base is seemingly impossible to devitrify -we have subjected it to 24 hours heating in the temperature range 700-820oC (1290-1508oF) and the open to the air surface remains totally shiny. Please see our technical pages for it’s properties and the annealing schedule. This annealing schedule would also be suitable for Gaffer Batch, Spruce Pine 87 and Spectrum Premium 2.0 glasses.



G 056

G-056 James Brown
A transparent blowing colour. OK brown sounds boring but this is a rich brown we have been searching for for some time. Definitely not a dark beer bottle amber, but a warm mahogany tone.   Needs annealing for 20 minutes or so for the correct shade to develop.