About Gaffer Glass

Gaffer Coloured Glass Ltd. was incorporated in 1993 in the beautiful city of Auckland, situated in the North Island of New Zealand. The two directors, John Croucher and John Leggott, had been operating a studio glassblowing business prior to that, and early colour experiments were utilised in their own work. The directors combined total of over 40 years glass making has been utilised to bring a new array of glasses to the world, both for blowers and glass casters.

Gaffer Glass aims to bring the highest possible standards to the quality control of coloured glass. Every melt is checked thoroughly for faults and tested for compatibility to ensure that the end user will encounter as few problems as possible. We are endeavouring to add new colours to our palette all the time so keep revisiting our site for an updated colour chart.


Our technical pages introduce you to the several properties of the glasses and discuss compatibility issues and our testing procedures. If you are in our part of the world we welcome your visit.